4 August 2016


Lane way

When I started #seekthesimplicity, I was determined to discover and share the many inspiring moments circulating the Instagram world which were largely going unnoticed. My little project is now in its second year, and I am so delighted by how many creatives are getting involved.

For those of you only becoming acquainted with #seekthesimplicity, it is a hashtag I began which reflects my love for minimalism, cosy moments, soft shades and beauty in and beyond the home.

I also wanted a way of connecting other creatives with a mutual love for my aesthetic, while forging an infinite catalogue of simplistic moments being shared from across the globe.

Each week (usually on a Sunday), I feature my favourite image from the #seekthesimplicity collection here on the blog, as well as another adorable four via my Instagram account.

I would love you to join!

To take part, upload your images with #seekthesimplicity and tag me, @whistleandawhim


Shantelle Rodman

Digital entrepreneur and content creative



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