27 October 2016

Crowdfunding campaign: How you can help

Mehrnoosh 2

One of my dearest friends Tracy has started a crowdfunding campaign to help her future sister-in-law Mehrnoosh escape gender discrimination in Iran and realise her dream of becoming an engineer.

Despite completing a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering three years ago with high marks, Mehrnoosh has been unable to secure work, sadly and simply because she is a woman.

Excitingly though, Mehrnoosh has now been offered a very real opportunity to realise her dream by moving to Tasmania, Australia to study at university, and beyond that, hopes to begin her career in this amazing country I call home.  

Mehrnoosh's family however are unable to financially support her which is why she needs a few helping hands to reach this goal. 

Please click here to read more about Mehrnoosh, how you can help, and of course contribute, big or small.

You can also show your support by sharing the link below:

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