30 September 2016

Hello, from Whistle and a Whim

Down the lane

Destination : Tasmania

I founded Whistle and a Whim about three years ago while living abroad in London. Travelling extensively across Europe at the time, I wanted an avenue to document and visually share my experiences and adventures with others.

Since returning home to Tasmania though, Whistle and a Whim has ever so slowly evolved from telling tales of my travels, to also integrating my love for lifestyle and creativity with content.

My new-look website has been in the making for a little while now, meticulously designed and developed to visually reflect me, my style and aesthetic. 

To coincide with Whistle and a Whim's new website launch, I have many upcoming projects and posts headed to the blog, including giveaways, exclusive offers, styling collaborations, scenes from #seekthesimplicity and last but not least, my adventures abroad. 

I would love you to stay up to date and visit!

You can subscribe to email notifications by entering your address in the box to the right, or head on over to bloglovin to follow my website. 

In the meantime, please do go and have a browse.

S x


  • Kate Drinkwater

    13 October 2016

    It looks amazing, I'm glad you're still having a great time exploring. Hope you're well.

    Kate xxx


Shantelle Rodman

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