3 July 2015

A midwinter picnic guide


Destination : Tasmania

We all love picnics (well, presumably), but why limit these delightful outings to just the warmer months while ignoring the cold? I’ve been meaning to have a wintry picnic for a while now and finally got an opportunity as part of my work with Damn Fine Wine. In the past week I’ve been styling some images for this niche group of vino connoisseurs as part of their new website launch. 




So what’s required for a wintry picnic anyway?

A picturesque location

A beautiful outdoor setting, obviously. While you can have a picnic just about anywhere, be mindful of your ideal surrounds. Are potential sites easily accessible? Will the location limit your picnic load? Be mindful of the weather conditions and environment too. As it’s winter, you may very well need to pack the wellies and the waterproofs.

The essentials

A delicious hamper and drinks to compliment of course (as well as a pretty picnic basket to put it all in). Foods that taste good cold such as cheese and charcuterie, fruit, and leafy salads are always menu winners here. Depending on your chosen location, a waterproof picnic rug will probably serve you well, as will a thermos containing hot tea too. Remember to pack a bag to put all of your rubbish in.

Good companions

Picnics are for all ages and occasions and honestly best enjoyed with some beautiful people. Whether it be to celebrate a birthday, mark a romantic moment, or perhaps just a sensational excuse to catch up with good friends, it’s possibly one of the easiest outings to coordinate.

Luxury (optional) additions (if there’s room)!

Nobody is opposed to picnicking in superb style. Portable speakers are always a crowd pleaser, cushions will keep you comfortable, and snuggly blankets will block out that winter chill. Don’t forget a good read either.


Have you been on a picnic lately? Would love you to share your own tips and favourite foods to take below.

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