13 May 2015



Destination : Hobart, Tasmania

Have you ever tried caviar, or salmon caviar at that? Last weekend I attended a caviar tasting event hosted by one of the world’s premium salmon product producers Huon Aquaculture, which was launching its 2015 range. It’s a Tasmanian based company and while its produce can be found around the island state, it’s also exported internationally and offers a unique flavour to the world market.

To taste caviar, the idea is to place a spoonful on your hand near the base of your thumb and index finger, and simply suck it off. But you don’t just swallow it. The caviar needs to pop in your mouth first for you to appreciate the flavour. After that, it’s recommended to take a sip of vodka to cleanse the palate too.

Caviar varieties showcased at this event were sourced from both freshwater and ocean grown salmon. Interestingly, the flavour of caviar can vary depending on the weather conditions of the salmon’s environment.

Numerous delicious caviar and salmon canapés were served and these were accompanied by a selection of some of the state’s best wine, my personal favourite a sparkling variety from the House of Arras.

Huon Aquaculture’s launch even attracted international attention, with Christian Zuther-Grauerholz attending. He’s the owner of the world’s oldest caviar house Dieckmann and Hansen, based in Hamburg, Germany. There was also a special appearance by renown sushi chef Masaaki Koyama, master and creator of what’s arguably the best sushi in Tasmania, Masaaki’s sushi. This can be found in Geeveston fyi.

The event was held at Tasmania’s newest high-end cocktail bar called The Glass House, located at the end of the Brooke street Pier in capital city, Hobart. In fact, it was the bar’s opening night. 

Huon Aquaculture’s products can be purchased online and you can visit their website here


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